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Immaculate Fitted Carpet cleaning or Wall to wall Carpet Cleaning

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Immaculate Fitted Carpet cleaning or Wall to wall Carpet Cleaning

Pre-Inspection when carpet cleaning

We carry out a thorough pre inspection of all carpets before doing any carpet cleaning. Pre-Inspection is very important as it brings to our attention anything which we may feel needs to be mentioned to the client prior to cleaning wall to wall fitted carpets. It also allows us to adapt our cleaning process depending on what is discovered. Below are a few of the more common existing conditions found in many  wall to wall fitted carpets which we document in our pre-inspection reports. Pre inspection is carried out by both our sales team and our on sight cleaning teams.

The Importance of Fibre Identification when carpet cleaning

It is important to know the fibre before carpet cleaning is commenced. The reason for this is to assess what method of cleaning and what chemicals should be used. The testing of fibre is done by taking a small amount of fibre and burning it. By doing this we can determine from the colour of the flame, the smell and feel of the ash whether it is a natural fibre, animal or vegetable (wool, silk, sisal, cotton, etc)  Regenerated manmade fibre (Rayon, acetates) or synthetic manmade fibre( acrylic, nylon, polyester or polypropylene.) All fibres have different needs in the carpet cleaning process, and only when these are addressed do you get the best results. All our sales and cleaning technicians are trained in fibre identification.

Joins and edges when carpet cleaning

The condition of joins and edges are important to note prior to cleaning of a fitted carpet. This enables us to warn you of existing problems before carpet cleaning takes place .Secondly it enables us to take greater care over areas that potently have weakness’s when carpet cleaning. In most cases these problem areas can be repaired after the carpet has dried and settled, by our in house carpet fitter.

Treating Traffic lanes when carpet cleaning

Traffic lanes are the soiled areas along which your carpet takes most of its traffic. Along either sides of a traffic lane the carpet seldom gets walked on and therefore has little to no wear and tear. To get the best results when carpet cleaning of badly soiled traffic lanes it is best to pre treat with a spray on detergent that is designed to help break down the additional grease and dirt. This is a bit like what you would spray on a shirts collar and cuffs prior to putting it in the washing machine. It is also important to note that no amount of cleaning will restore the ware, tear and fading a carpet might have endured in traffic areas once the dirt has been removed.

How to get out spots & stains when carpet cleaning

Spots and stains are always a lot more successfully removed when carpet cleaning if 1. The cleaning technician knows what caused the mark prior to cleaning and 2.the use of the correct spotting agent prior to cleaning. The reason for this is that the cleaning technician can apply the correct spotting agent first off and not run a lot of hit and miss tries before successfully hitting the jackpot .So please help your cleaning team by advising them as to what caused a spot or stain. It is also very important to treat spot and stains prior to main carpet cleaning procedure. If the cleaning technician just cleans straight off without pre spotting, they are merely cleaning off the dirt that has stuck to the substance causing the mark. This also means they are unable to locate the mark once the dirt is removed and not able to treat the cause of the mark until it reappears. The result is your carpets may look great straight after cleaning but within a few days all your spots and stains start reappearing again. If no one can remember what caused a spot or stain it can be determined by using at least 3 of the senesces; look, feel and smell. Our sales and cleaning technicians are all trained in identifying spots and stains. It is also important to realise that a stain by definition is a mark that is permanent in nature. Dependent on the fibre of your carpet will also determine whether a spot is in fact a stain. Natural fibre carpets like wool , cotton, silk, sisal, coir ,jute and sea grass to mention a few will dye more easily and permanently than say a synthetic polypropylene or solution dyed nylon. So as an owner you need to be realistic in your expectations as to what a carpet cleaner can get out and what permanent stains are.

The presence of wear and tear prior to carpet cleaning

Wear and tear shows up areas as soiled as the pile has been flattened and cannot be lifted and in some extreme cases the pile has been worn off and in fact what you perceive to be dirt is the backing of the carpet showing through. No amount of cleaning can restore a carpet that is worn. It is important to clean carpets regularly as accumulated soil in the fibres of the carpets act as a sand paper effect wearing down the fibres as you walk on your carpet.