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Five tips on how to take care of your carpets

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Your fitted carpet care Tips between carpet cleaning

Vacuum Regularly

Carpets must be vacuumed regularly (at least weekly) to remove grit and dry soil which has a sandpaper effect on the fibres. This dry soil will wear down the fibres over time and is the biggest risk to your carpets longevity. Always vacuum in the direction of the pile. It is also important that you empty your vacuum cleaner on regular bases as vacuuming with a full vacuum will achieve nothing. A good vacuum will have a rotary brush in the head.

Furniture Rotation

Rotate the furniture periodically were possible so that your carpet wears evenly. All Carpets which are walked on will wear down to some extent over time however a carpet which is heavily worn in one area will be unsightly eventually. It would also be a good idea in a heavy traffic area to lay a runner on top; this will protect the fitted carpet from wearing too rapidly.

Stain Protection of Your Carpets

Your carpets will have extra protection from stains and soil if it is treated with a fabric protector. This does not alter the colour or feel of the carpet in any way but serves to seal the fibres so that spillages are not so easily absorbed into the pile and therefore more easily removed in cleaning. By stain protection treatment you could be preventing a spill becoming a stain. Take a look at our treatments page on our main site.

Spills & Accidents what you should do

If you spill anything onto your carpet the first step is to absorb as much as you can with a plain white towel. Just blot. DO NOT RUB as this may damage the fibres permanently. At this point call us for further advice. Do not be tempted to use over the counter spotting chemicals. These are often aggressive oxidizers which can permanently discolour the dyes in the carpet and you are unable to rinse the detergent out which will result in a sticky area which will rapidly attract dirt. Also take a look at our tips page on our main site.

Fading how to reduce or minimise this happening

Remember that carpet dyes will fade over time, especially evident with darker or coloured carpets. If you want to slow down this process consider keeping curtains closed if the carpet is in a room which is only used occasionally or gets direct full sun on a daily bases. It would also be a good idea to get your windows treated with a UV filter.